Developing high end casting to promote industrial upgrading

2022-12-16 23:29
As one of the basic technologies of modern device manufacturing industry, casting plays a very important role in modern industry. In modern times, the development speed of casting was accelerated. Casting can be said to be a relatively more cost-effective blank forming method, which can show its economy for complex parts.

With the progress of science and technology and the vigorous development of foundry industry, the specialized production of China's foundry industry has begun to take shape. Nowadays, with the deepening of Internet plus, the traditional foundry industry is facing a critical period of transformation, which needs to develop high-end casting, in order to promote the upgrading of foundry industry.

According to the industry data of * in recent years, China's investment casting industry shows a growth trend. With the continuous rise of China's aviation, automobile and other industries, the rapid development of China's investment casting market has also played a strong role in promoting the continuous expansion of the Asian casting market. The development of high-end casting is inseparable from the development and progress of high-end technology. It is believed that the development prospect of investment casting industry in China is very broad.