Opportunities and challenges coexist in ductile iron pipes

2022-12-16 23:28

Ductile iron has gained general acceptance in the market. It also plays a very important role in the construction of underground pipeline network. But since the summer, our ductile iron pipe market has not been as good as before. Even some small-scale manufacturers had to stop production maintenance, although the market production of ductile iron pipes reduced, but still in oversupply. Is the opportunity before our factory? Or a challenge? We must analyse the causes of this phenomenon. The second quarter is the peak consumption season for our products. Coupled with the decline in the price of raw materials such as iron ore, it has aroused the enthusiasm of many steel enterprises. After the second quarter, our market saturation is getting worse. There is a clear oversupply in the market, so the prices of our pipeline products are kept down. Of course, as a new type of pipe, we still have the state's policy support as a support. With the introduction of the policy of micro-impact, our steel production will begin to be stopped, and our ductile iron pipes and other special pipe prospects or be optimistic. Of course, facing the challenge, our product quality improvement is also a very important factor. We must change the challenge for the opportunity, responds this profession crisis with the high quality product and the service!